Fun to know

The huge great white shark
1987 a fisherman from the area, Zurrieq, dew up a gigantic great white shark. Locals claim that the shark was 7 meters long and would make it the largest white shark ever found. If you ask the guide, who run the boat at the Blue Grotto, it may have grown at 1 meter or 2. Scientific tests, based on photographs, indicate then the shark was 5 - 5,5 meters long. This event ended up on world news.
Malta's population of just over 400,000 there are over 16,000 hunters. They have focused on birds, probably beacause that's all there is to hunt, and they hunt every bird, whatever it is hunting season or not. So if you are out in the woods, especially during hunting season, it's best to be careful.
Movie recording
Malta has been used as a filming location of several major films such as Troy, Gladiator and World War Z. Palace Palazzo in Naxxar is in treat demand by filming. It has something extra cracked as French cateau in the film "The Count of Monterchristo".
In December 1989 declared Mikhail Gorbachov and George Bush Sr. that the Cold War had ended. This happened on a cruiser outside the Marsaxlokk Bay. While this summit Malta experienced one of the worst storms ever and flotilla got a hard time. In the press the summit got the nickname "seasick Summit".
The Maltese Cross
A little here and there you can see the Maltese Cross, it's a sybol of Malta chivalry. It's a cross and have eight capes. It's said that the eight capes symbolize the eight truths (in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount), as well as the order's orginal language/departments. The four arms assumed to represent the four cadinal virtues: wisdom, courage, moderation and uprightness. The cross is as old as when the chivalry fonded in the 1000's but didn't get spread until the mid-1500's.